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Create Your Own Game With Construct 2

Construct 2

Construct 2

Playing games is such a fascinating hobby. Along with the fast improvement of technology, there comes more and more complex yet great games. But have you ever thought about create your own game?

If you were to ask me this question long time ago, I would definitely say NO. Back then programming was quite a confusing process, especially when you want to create a game.

That was then, but now things are very much different. Many people have developed software and tools to make life easier, including game creation. Among these many game engines is Construct 2 — a game engine created by Scirra. After using the software for some time, I can’t help but amazed. It was so easy to create such a platformer game like Mario Bross. I have successfully created a simple platformer game, that you can play here.

With Construct 2, you can create games to be played on your computer, or even Android and IOS platform — taufancahyadi.com

Creating a Game With Construct 2

You can download Construct 2, in Scirra website freely. This free version have several limitation, however it is sufficient for creating a simple yet fun game. Scirra also gives some free assets that you can use to build your game. These assets include Ambient, Music and Sound Effect. Not to mention some images for creating playable characters, background and also interactive environment such as walls, platforms, bridges, etc. So, just download the Construct 2 and install it in your computer.

Now you have your Construct 2 ready. Open up new project, and create a new object of type Sprite.

Create an object of your game using Construct 2

Create an object of your game using Construct 2

Next you can use the assets that you have downloaded. Here I want to use an image of Alien as my main character in game.

Alien object in game with Construct 2

Alien object in game with Construct 2

After that, we need a platform object, where the Alien will step on to. Copy and paste the platform object, in a way that you would like to create a layout of the game. For example, you can create the layout like shown below.

Layout of game platformer in Construct 2

Layout of game platformer in Construct 2

So now how to make the Alien step on the platform? How to move the player object that you had created? The answer is by using a Behavior. You can give the Alien object a Platform behavior, that enables the Alien can step and walk on the platform object.

While platform object is given a Solid behavior, that gives the platform a solid state so that the Alien can walk on the platform.

With Construct 2, You Can Create a Game and Making Money At the Same Time

From the explanation above, it seems creating a game in Construct 2 is extremely easy? Well, of course since I only wanted to show you how easy Construct 2 is. You can also learn many things about Construct 2, by browsing the Tutorials in Scirra. And I also create my own Construct 2 tutorials in my blog.

Hope this introduction will not back you down, since there are still many cool games that are created using Construct 2. Take a look at this video below, and imagine what you can do with Construct 2.

By the way, creating games can also become an income for you. You can sell your games in Playstore for Android, or AppStore for IOS. There are also many game portals where you can sell games on internet. The other way to get money is by allowing ads to be inserted on your game.

Good luck ^^

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