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Champion of NBA Finals 2009: Lakers, again?

I have made my own prediction, since watching the 1st game of NBA Finals 2009. What I have predicted is that Lakers will win the series again, and bring the trophy back to their homecourt.

Actually, I was kind of expecting that Cleveland Cavaliers will make their way to the final. Nevertheless, the “magical” victory of Orlando Magic was quite remarkable. One of the commentators’ words that I wanna quote: Magic has made the shot above their average field-goal percentage. And that absolutely brought the winning to the Magic team.

Yet, the disappointment arose, when I’m watching the 1st Final game: Magic was beaten-up so badly that this game — in my opinion, was not worth to be watched as a final series. And what I noticed the most, is what I called lack of winning ambition.

You, the fellow NBA lovers, could have seen the same things too. When they play, Magic’s player has never shown the expression as players who want to win the final so bad. Unlike the Lakers’ .. Kobe is the most, showing his persistence, doing whatever he could to win in every game.

And this lack of ambition, also affect to the motivation .. as if, I dare say that if they lose, it will be alright. At least, they have reached the final stage. *sigh*

Well, all above are personally coming from my own opinion. I just wanna emphazise that, this year is trully Lakers’ year to once again bring back the trophy. For Orlando Magic: you guys need to increase your mental and ambition. Hope for a better performance next year.

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