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Blog spamming

This article was meant to be a continuance of the previous one: Blog community.

In order to increase the traffic to your blog or any website you can use the technique called: spamming.

Well, this might be dangerous to continue writing/reading this article ahead; without getting the clear definition about spamming. Spamming, according to definition of Wikipedia is defined as:

“The abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages”

So, you’re flooding any site (or in another context also e-mail) with bulky messages. Bulky could mean in quantity (you send tons of messages) or big in size. Usually the messages contain unsolicited contents: the content that you don’t want to get it at all, like pictures (porn), hotlink to other website, or even a plain text write about unwanted things.

Now, if we follow this definition, it is surely and clearly that we don’t want to spam or get spammed by other, right? Spamming does increase the traffic! But then.. what good of it if all the messages you send get banned and you’re recognised as a spammer?

Chek-out the following situation: If some guy wrote about his lovely cat named Catty, and then you found that you actually have one of the stories about your lovely pets; and wanna share it with Catty’s writer and readers.

Now, we’ve come to the decision point: do you think that sharing stories like that, is considered wrong? Or, just ..well, it’s okay no big deal?

This is my opinion: for you who think that doing thing in example above is wrong — you’d better activate the comment-moderation feature on your blog. Or, you could limit the comment to a closed-loop, a circle of people who have privilleged to share things on your blog. So, then no spammer would be able to ‘reach’ you no more.

*I don’t say this is wrong.. it’s just that some blogs are meant to be certain people only, while some others are opened to anyone.

So, how to put it into a ‘legal’ perspective anyway? Manners, dude!!! You’ve got to introduce yourself to the blog owner first. Even after that, you can’t just start spamming, without giving ‘positive’ feedback. Cause it’s a problem of trust, dude.. if the owner thinks that all you do in his blog is just spamming; he could simply delete your comment and put you into the list of spammer.

It’s pretty simple actually: some of the blogs require you to put additional data, such as your email and website. Voila.. got the tingling of idea, already?

If you gave impressive comments, people would consider about you, and might take a visit to your web/blog, as its address is attached in your comment. But if, what you wrote is only rubbish, hell no: forget about this sucker!!!

Okay, that’s the way I make spamming to be the ‘right’ way to give your blog an increment of traffic. What do you think about it?

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