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Which fish-in-a-pond are you?

If you were a fish, which one you prefer of: being a big fish in a small-pond or a small-fish in a big pond?

Today (May-20, 2008) I read some article in karir.com, that talks about how you chose your career path. The writer trying to get the analogy of a fish-in-a-pond.

As, I tried to reflect my career, I realized that I’ve been changing my object of pursue. To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a big fish either in small or big pond 🙂

Being in a small company, means getting lack of ‘facilities’. I was talking about tools for working, e.g a laptop, etc. Also the benefits: medical, transport & accomodation. Sometimes the company can’t afford to provide its employees with those ‘facilities’.

The contrary is what I get from the company I’m currently working for. I get so many ‘facilities’ that ensure me not to worry about the things beside my job. Yet, being in big pond, means I have to compete with other ‘fishes’. And sometimes the competition gets unwell, enough to get me wounded psychologically.

So, which fish-in-a-pond are you?

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