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I never thought I would plunge myself into this such adventure. I’ve heard many times about how exciting it is, rafting at pekalen with songa team. It’s just the idea of being drowned in the river made me scared so much, as I’m not a good swimmer though. But, that evening I was forced to join the event together with Telkom Flexi Operational team.

So, at the friday evening we marched from Telkom office in Kebalen area, directly to Probolinggo. The journey took approximately 6 hours, yet it was such a joyful one. Telkom guy love singing, as they already prepared ‘karaoke’ equipment on the bus. The 6 hrs journey was filled by singing and laughing, coz some people were actually can’t sing well but dare taking the chance to perform in front of the audience.

Finally, arrived at Condong village.. [to be continued]

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  1. September 15, 2006 at 1:38 am

    sounds like you very impressed with your great adventure.. hope we could join it together someday;) I’ll be waiting your invitation he he hee

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